Entry Form

Sorry. This form is no longer available.

Registration has now closed and we are unable to accept any entries on the day.

When making your payment online or at a Westpac Bank please use the following details.

Banking Details: – Westpac
Account Name: – Waiau School
Account Number: – 03-1592-0833018-00

All Waiau Trailride Fees must be paid by Online Direct Bank Transfer
On your Payee form are three sections,
Particulars – Code – Reference

In the – Particulars – enter your Name you submitted on the Entry Form
In the – Code – Total Cost
In the – Reference – enter your Email Address (as much as will fit).

Cheques can be posted to Waiau School, however your entry is not confirmed until your name appears on the riders list on the website.
In all cases entry confirmation is when your name appears on the Registered Riders list on the website.

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