Where does your $$ go?

The trail ride funds go directly on improving our students learning through:

– Subsidising our second teacher

– Employing another teacher one day per week as a target teacher as an extension to learning in the classroom.


A contribution to the ongoing maintenance and running costs of our new community pool each year.

The Trail Ride also pays all the camp costs for parents who assist at the annual Year 4 – 6 camp as well as contributing a percentage towards each childs costs. (Camps include: Wellington, Arthurʼs Pass and Christchurch in 3 year cycle.)

Outdoor Education trips for the Year 1 – 3, where the cost of any entry fees etc is paid – but does not cover transport costs. (Trips include: Christchurch Museum, Air Force Museum, Hanmer Springs, Antarctic Centre etc)

Theatre visits to our school from groups such as the Court Theatre etc.

Every new child to our school receives their first sunhat and beanie free.

Extra sports, maths and reading equipment has been purchased as well as new library books.

Our children are very fortunate to have the trail ride and the opportunities it brings.

Waiau School Board of Trustees

(updated 1/2/2019)

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